Lead Generation June 13, 2024

The Race to 150 Reviews

As a new real estate agent, building a strong online reputation through reviews is crucial. Here are effective strategies to get more reviews:

  1. Be Upfront and Ask: Don’t wait for clients to spontaneously write reviews. Ask them directly after a successful transaction. Explain how valuable their feedback is for your business.
  2. Start Early: Begin talking about reviews from day one. Let clients know that you’ll be requesting a review. Mention it during your initial meetings or conversations. This sets the expectation and reinforces its importance.
  3. Drop Hints: When clients express appreciation for your services, use it as an opportunity. For example, if they say, “Thanks for pointing out that stain on the ceiling,” respond with, “That would be a perfect statement for a review!” Even if they don’t use that exact example, dropping hints reinforces the idea.
  4. Don’t Wait Until Closing: While closing is a happy time for clients, it’s also busy and stressful. If they haven’t submitted a review by then, wait a couple of weeks after closing to ask again. Use a drip email campaign or make a personal call to gently remind them.
  5. Make It a Habit: Incorporate review requests into your daily routine. Regularly ask clients for feedback. Consistency pays off in the long run.
  6. Explain the Importance: Let clients know how much their reviews matter. Share how reviews help other potential clients choose a reliable agent. When clients understand the impact, they’re more likely to leave a review.
  7. Respond to Negative Reviews: Address negative reviews promptly and professionally. Show that you care about resolving issues. Potential clients appreciate seeing how you handle challenges.

Remember, building a positive online presence takes time, but consistent efforts will lead to more reviews and a stronger reputation!